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                                   CONTRACT SEWING AND HEAT SEALING


Our Team Manufactures & Repairs:                            


  • Tent Side Walls: clear-cafe-solid-mesh-keder      

  • Tent Tops: clear-solid-keder 

  • Tent Bags  

  • Bally Cloths

  • Ride Centers   Ride Covers        

  • Custom Enclosures 

  • Debris Bags

  • Boat Vinyl

  • Tarps

  • Bring in a sample we can mach it!

                                  Contract Sewing and Heat Sealing

     We Repair:

  • Custom Enclosures 

  • Tent Side Walls

  • Tent Tops

  • Awnings

  • Pool Covers


Drop us a email with information on your project to help us serve your needs.


Color photos of any existing canvases or structures

Date you need project completed

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