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What is the minimum quantity of J.A.N. bags per order?

There is a minimum of 12 bags for each order of our J.A.N. Bags. Call us for a quote! 

What type of material are the J.A.N. bags made from?

We manufacture J.A.N. bags with flexible 8 oz. woven polypropylene fabric that is treated with RF technology. 

How can J.A.N. bags be used?

J.A.N. bag is a versatile product that can definitely meet your needs. The bags can be used to remove debris from construction sites, landscaping jobs, etc. 

Is it possible to add stencils to the J.A.N. bags that I order?

Yes! We are here to create a custom product for all of our customers. When you call to place your order please let us know if you would like a stencil for your bags and we will be happy to assist you.

How much does the J.A.N. bag weigh?

The empty weight of the bag is 10 lbs. However, the bag has a safe loading capacity of 2,755 lbs. 

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